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The Assembly’s Belongings


Delving back into the archives of old school D&D character sheets, notes, maps, and art from my formative role-playing days in the 1990s, I came across a series papers titled “The Assembly’s Belongings”. These are– like most of the other documents in the old, faux leather folder– loose leaf sheets featuring my surprisingly tidy pencil printings.

The “Assembly” mentioned is The Assembly of the Dragon, the name given to the core group of player characters that went on adventures in fantastic lands while we sat in my basement, ate homemade caramel popcorn and mini Ritz crackers. The “belongings” is a list of possessions owned by various members of the Assembly of the Dragon. Over the years, the adventurers gathered wealth and used some of it to purchase manors in the land of Almor. These homes are where the player characters would spend some of their down-time between quests, but– more importantly– this is where they kept their accumulated swag. There is, after all, only so much you can hang off your horse. (I never was a fan of the Bag of Holding.)

The record begins with the following:

Each manor in Almor contains these rooms (special rooms not included):

  • 3 servant quarters
  • 5 storage
  • kitchen
  • bedroom
  • 2 guest bedrooms
  • 2 privy
  • dining room
  • common room

I cracked up reading this. It’s like cookie-cutter housing in a fantasy realm! Looking at this now, I wonder if each house had 3 servants or were there more servants and they, for example, slept three or even four to a room. I also find it interesting that each manor had not one but two indoor bathrooms– called a “privy” here to sound “classical”, perhaps. Surely, I don’t ever remember focusing on the particulars of bathroom breaks in the D&D universe, but perhaps the seasoned, well-heeled here would prefer to not have to walk outside to take a dump. Or, maybe, indoor plumbing was the creation of wizards.


The list of “The Assembly’s Belongings” continued with each player character’s possessions cataloged.  I’ve not yet written about Cyric Lyonsbane (the character’s name is lifted from two characters from Richard Awlinson’s Forgotten Realms Avatar Trilogy), but he was one of the core player characters. Controlled by my friend Jason, Cyric was the dark, troubled member of the Assembly of the Dragon, with horrible facial scars and a long sword strapped to the stump of his right arm. Here is the loot lying around his “18 room manor in Almor” that sat on “20 acres of farmland”:

  • Medallion – Defender of the King’s Justice
  • 2 Aiel spears (Aiel is a culture lifted from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time)
  • ruby hilted dagger
  • Tigrarine spear
  • Comoney armour
  • whistle set
  • sawed bastard sword
  • Norghi bow blade (the Norghi were a monster– I can’t remember if I made them up or if I sourced them from somewhere; the bow blade was a lot like a Klingon bat’leth)
  • two Retrecker swords
  • suit of golden chain mail w/ plate chest
  • steel capped staff

I’m guessing Tigrarine, Comoney and Retrecker were lands, monsters, or peoples encountered by the Assembly of the Dragon. The ruby hilted dagger tickles my memory, but I can’t conjure up the details. The sawed bastard sword was just like it sounds– a bastard sword where one side of the blade looked like a saw. So much of the hows and whys of these items have been lost, but perhaps future trips into the folder of old school D&D will reveal the details.


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