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Inspiration for new comic script

On the weekend I found a necktie in the family compost. This discovery got the head gears turning and by the close of the evening I had a new comic script outlined in my head. I’ve given this project the temporary title “Compost” and it has jumped to the top of my development list.

My Goon script

A few months ago, Viper Comics held a talent contest for artists and writers. The winners would be given the opportunity to work together on a Web comic for Viper Comics.

Writers had to submit a five-page script. It had to tell a complete story. It had to feature characters that already existed in comic-dom. That is, Viper Comics would not accept contest entries featuring original characters.

I entered. I figured this would be a chance for many writers to write about their favorite superheroes so I decided to stay away from heroes and villains from DC and Marvel. I also knew I wanted to write something funny. After some deliberation I selected Eric Powell’s The Goon.

For a plot device I turned to my teenage years. Near the home where I lived in Cape Breton was a large culvert through which ran a sizeable brook. A good friend of mine had a fear of Yeti and so he and I and a couple other friends concocted this neighbourhood mythology involving Yeti that lived in the culvert. We referred to them as “Culvert Yeti”. Yeti such as these are featured in my script.

For your enjoyment, I have decided to post my script. You can read it here.  I hope you enjoy it.

Alas, I did not win the contest. Reading the script again, I think I crammed too many panels on some of the pages, with too much dialogue in a few of the panels. Still, I enjoy the gags and think my comedic timing is well crafted. Perhaps these culvert Yeti will find their way into an original comic or fiction  from me some day.

Two more short scripts

More and more posts on and similar forums are asking writers to provide links to scripts and not send actual scripts via email. The trend makes sense to me. There’s no reason to clog up people’s inboxes with big files. As such, I’ve decided to put two more sample scripts online. Both of these are short scripts I had submitted to Pencil Head, but since that company’s projects have not yet gotten off the ground I figure the scripts will do nicely as demo scripts. I am quite enjoy both.

121 Cluster F St. 3 Passengers
This is a complete 8-page script. It’s heavy in gun-play, light on dialogue, but also contains a little bit of comedy. (read it)

First Date
This complete 8-page script is cute, funny and strange. (read it)


The Dig

This is a comic script I originally wrote in 2005. I submitted it for consideration in a horror anthology being put together by a smaller publisher. I didn’t receive a reply.

The Dig sat on the shelf for a number of months, but I eventually knocked the dust off it and reworked it based on some of things I learned about writing comic scripts during Psychosis. I had put too many panels on a page during the later action sequences, so I moved panels to additional pages, and generally tightened up the storytelling.

Feeling good about the script once again, I looked around for an artist who might want to draw it and together we’d submit it to another anthology I had found. That idea didn’t go anywhere, though I did hook up with a good artist and we’re kind of working on something else entirely. (More on that later at this here blog if we get anything off the ground.)

I made one last play with The Dig last month. I submitted it to yet another smaller publisher looking to publish an anthology. I didn’t receive a reply.

I’m still proud of The Dig. It’s a straight up horror tale laced with good ole fashioned gore. It’s bare bones storytelling, but with an artist who can portray the messy bits and provide a thick atmosphere of dread I think it would be a short, yet solid tale of horror. With that said, I’m not going to shop it around anymore, and so I make it available here as an another example of my comic script writing. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to read The Dig

Comic Scripts

All scripts are © 2006 – 2007 Chad Boudreau.

Cutter’s Reward: This is a five-page comic script written for a script writing contest on The genre was western / horror. I won this contest with this script. You can read the script here in PDF form.

Tonight It Ends: This is a five-page comic script I wrote for a script writing contest on The topic was a superhero or villain’s retirement whether voluntary or forced. I decided upon a Batman / Jim Gordon-esque tale that focused on the relationship between the two characters and how increased age had affected them. You can read it here in PDF form. I won this contest too.