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Black Salt #5: Pencils finished

I received the final pencilled pages for Black Salt #5 on the 14th. The pages looked fantastic, which isn’t unusual for artist J.C. Grande. I had one change to request. J.C. will proceed with inks, making that one change as he does so. That means the pencils for issue #5 are now complete!


Black Salt #5 update

The development for Black Salt #5 is progressing nicely. Owen Ratliff and I recently approved the first 14 penciled and inked pages. Artist J.C. Grande is currently working on the final 8 pages and the cover art. Below is rough pencils for page 6, which is a one page panel depicting an explosion.

Black Salt #4 available for sale

Black Salt #4 is now available for sale online at and The cost is only $0.99! Issue #1 is free at both online locations! Issues #2 and #3 are also available at both Web site for $0.99 each.

Black Salt #5 production has begun

Work on Black Salt #5 has begun. J.C. Grande is once again on art chores and has turned in the first 7 pages. Looking great! This is the second last issue in the series.

Black Salt #4 done

Ed got to the lettering quickly and within a couple days I had the whole issue to proof. I had some changes for him– nothing he missed, just some things I wanted to change now that I had read the finished pages.  I approved the lettering today. Black Salt #4 is finished! I will let you know when it is available for purchase.