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Friar & Brimstone launches

Friar & Brimstone, created by artist Owen Gieni and I, launched on today.

We conceived the idea in late-summer 2010 and had intended to launch in early 2011 but Owen got a sweet gig with Image Comics so our project was put on hold. I was confident we would get back to our project some day, and sure enough come October 2011 I got word from Owen that his schedule had opened up and he and Keenspot wanted to launch before the end of the year. I was definitely onboard.

There has been a few changes. First, the comic is now called Friar & Brimstone and not Fire & Brimstone. Chris Crosby, the big-wig at Keenspot, suggested the name change. Owen and I loved it right away, and feedback from those who knew about the project since its early days was equally positive. Second, we’ve added E.T. Dollman to the team as letterer. He and I did some work together recently and I suggested to Owen and Chris that Dollman would be a great letterer for Friar & Brimstone. And he has proven to be so!

So check out, and if you like it be sure to tell your friends.

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Fire & Brimstone delayed

Production on Fire & Brimstone has been delayed. Usually an announcement of this sort would make me sad but I am, in fact, very excited because the project is delayed for a wonderful reason: Artist Owen Gieni has been called in for art chores on a high-profile project, the details of which I am not able to divulge. What this means is art on Fire & Brimstone is on hold for a few months while Owen focuses on this other project, which has a strict schedule. I am very happy for Owen. He deserves this opportunity. Plus I know he will return to Fire & Brimstone because his love for the property matches my own. You’re still going to see Fire & Brimstone on in 2011. Stay tuned.

Fire & Brimstone Character Sketches

The development of Fire & Brimstone is going very well. I have 30+ pages of script written and Owen has drawn a half dozen pages or more. The series is still scheduled to debut on in early 2011. To whet your appetite for the main event, I have decided to post some character sketches by artist and series co-creator Owen Gieni.

These are a selection of characters from Fire & Brimstone. The two main characters are NOT depicted above. Those will be revealed closer to the debut of the series on

Become a fan of Fire & Brimstone on Facebook. We update the page on a regular basis, posting character sketches and providing information about the development of the comic, its plot and its characters. There is already a bevvy of information to be found within. Become a fan today.

Become a fan of Fire & Brimstone

Excitement is growing around the 2011 launch of Fire & Brimstone. Owen Gieni and I are having a fantastic time working on this project and we want you to have a behind the scenes look at all the action. This is why we created the official Fire & Brimstone Facebook Page. Become a fan and get access to production notes, character sketches and other goodies in the days and weeks leading up to the big launch. There is already a bevy of insight posted, including sketches and production notes describing the development of characters.

Fire & Brimstone: Birth of a Title

Owen and I both suck at coming up with titles for projects. Well, “suck” is a harsh word, but it certainly isn’t our strongest creative muscle. A title is usually the last thing I assign for a story or comic on which I am working. I think it’s because I need to know the story inside and out before I pick a title and that understanding doesn’t usually happen until I am completely finished my research, planning and script writing. Owen focuses so much on the visual that the title is one of the last things on his mind.

A couple of days after Owen and I met at the bagel shop, Owen let Chris Crosby of Keenspot know what we were working on. Owen and Chris are co-creators of Sore Thumbs, which has been running on for six years. They’ve collaborated on other Web comics, too, including WickedPowered. Having heard the details of our upcoming Web comic, Chris suggested the main character be a redhead and that he be nicknamed “Firetop” or “Firecrotch”. He then suggested the other main character be named “Brimstone” and thus the title could be “Fire & Brimstone.

None of us were in love with the title but we agreed to use it as a “working title” until we thought of something better. Two weeks of using the title to describe the project and we started to like it. We first heard the title “Fire & Brimstone” on September 10. In an email to Owen on September 25, I wrote, “And I think Fire & Brimstone has stuck with me. I’ve not yet thought of anything better.” Owen agreed and it became the official title.

And that, folks, is how the creative process works sometimes.