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Song’s End published

IF-X Vol 3 #6:  West was published in mid-November and I received copies in the mail on Friday, November 25. This issue of IF-X features Song’s End, written by me, drawn by Adam Sward, and lettered by E.T. Dollman. The printed edition of the comic looks great. This is the last issue of IF-X for 2011.

Song’s End is the second comic Adam Sward and I worked on together. The first was Dark Art, which was published in IF-X Vol 3 #5 and on The Grim Collection. Adam and I are working on a third comic together. This one is called The Dig and it will appear on The Grim Collection in 2012.


Song’s End to appear in IF-X

A short comic I wrote called Song’s End has been accepted into the December 2011 edition of IF-X. The theme that month is “West”. My tale takes place in West Virginia during the American Civil War.  My earlier appearances in IF-X (Halloween 2009 and Halloween 2011) were horror tales, but this newest story is perhaps best described as a drama. The six-page tale is drawn by Adam Sward and lettered by E.T. Dollman.

Here is the first page of Song’s End. Art by Adam Sward.