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Special Edition Season 2 delayed

Our collective plans for Special Edition Season 2 have been put on hold.


Free Comic Book Day Event

I was at the Downtown and South ComicReaders in Regina, SK on May 1 as part of Free Comic Book Day. I was selling and signing copies of Acts of Violence, Special Edition volume 1, IF-X #9 and A Thousand Faces.

My day started at the south store where I met many great people, including some old friends, and two writer / artists who are part of a creative collective that produces and publishes Valuable Comics here in Regina. Another highlight was meeting Jason Sylvestre, another local comic creator whose comic Jason of New York City  is currently competing in Small Press Idol 2010. It’s a great comic so check out Small Press Idol 2010 and cast your vote for Jason of New York City.

I moved to the downtown store for the afternoon, where I chatted with even more people. All in all, it was a great day for me and comics in general because Free Comic Book Day is a great way for readers to get exposed to new titles and genres within comics.

My table at the South ComicReaders.

(left to right) Jason Sylvestre and I. Check out Jason's comic Jason of New York City at Small Press Idol 2010. Give him your vote too!

Darcy (left) is one of the creators responsible for Valuable Comics, which is produced and published in Regina by Saskatchewan comics creators.

Greg (left) and Dana (right) are the big-wigs at ComicReaders. The opportunity for me to be at FCBD is thanks to them.

When Rodney Met Dickie is complete

I finished and posted on Wednesday the final installment of When Rodney Met Dickie.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

When Rodney Met Dickie is part of the Special Edition project at The main story of Special Edition is told in the online comics. The serialized fiction tells peripheral stories involving characters featured in the comics, mainly members of the various gangs that inhabit the Tax Free Zone. When Rodney Met Dickie introduces the Bingo Ladies, one of said gangs, and the 50s-style street gang greasers that serve as the Bingo Ladies’ underlings. Both gangs will be seen again in The Bathroom Attendant, one of the comics being worked on for Season 2 of Special Edition.

The first part of When Rodney Met Dickie was written in July 2009. After a lengthy hiatus, I returned to the material and wrote and published parts 2 and 3 in November. Part 2 and 3 were difficult to write. I lost the narrative voice I had used in part 1. It was a struggle to find it again. As a result, part 2 went through several re-writes. In fact, I made small changes to it yesterday when I posted part 3.

The final installment was difficult too. I knew how the story was going to end– the ending was one of the first elements I wrote in my notebook when I started plotting the story in mid-July. I also knew I wanted part 3 to build upon the tension that had started to grow in part 2. I spent considerable time editing part 3, trimming and rewriting wherever I let the tension subside.

I read the whole story again this morning and am pleased with how it turned it. It took me a while to get it to where I wanted it to be but I believe I succeeded. I hope you agree. Enjoy.

When Rodney Met Dickie continues

After much delay, the story of Rodney Wimpy and Dickie continues on The first part in this serialized fiction was posted in July 2009. Many delays occured in the months that have passed, none of which warrant detailed discussion on this here blog. I did, however, tackle the story once again when November came around. It took me a couple tries to find the narrative voice again but I did and so I am happy to say When Rodney Met Dickie part 2 is now available.

Part 1 can be found at

Part 2 is at

The third and final installment of this serialized fiction will be posted next weekend.

Bohemian Zen Season 2 begins

With 52-pages of Special Edition excellence collected and now available in print form, we now turn our collective minds to the second season of comics and short fiction that shall appear on After a month hiatus to work on other projects, 3!LL and his writers are back and hard at it. Here is the line up, all of which features artwork, colors and letters by 3!LL:

– The introduction to “The Bell Hill Beast”, featuring Frank Balon, as written by Chad Boudreau.

– “The Bathroom Attendant”, a violent 10-page yarn from Josh Wigler.

– The much-anticipated 14-page origin of Spax Dexler, one of the costumed do-gooders featured in “Hero for the Ages”. Mike Colbert is the writer.

– The main feature in Season 2 is “The Bell Hill Beast”, one of Frank Balon’s early adventures. This tale is set in the past, a time before Frank had his dead man’s eyes and prior to him meeting Ogar.

– Chad Boudreau goes to a dark place with an as-yet untitled episode that introduces The Romantics, the most ruthless and vilest gang in the Special Edition universe.

– The much delayed continuation and conclusion to “When Rodney Met Dickie”, a short fiction. The first installment was published in July 2009.

The comics mentioned above will be published online at as pages are completed. The finished material will then be collected in a print edition in the summer of 2010.