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Compost script

Finding a tie in the family compost this summer inspired me to write a comic script based on the idea of someone finding a zombie in a compost heap. As of a moment ago, I feel the script is complete– written and revised. It is 21 pages in length because Aces Weekly features 21-page comics and I’d love to do more work for them. I am going to show the script to an artist friend on Tuesday. If Aces Weekly is not an option then I will have the comic produced for The Grim Collection.


Inspiration for new comic script

On the weekend I found a necktie in the family compost. This discovery got the head gears turning and by the close of the evening I had a new comic script outlined in my head. I’ve given this project the temporary title “Compost” and it has jumped to the top of my development list.

Meet Glen

I have a number of exciting writing related announcements to make– some of which I could have made a few months ago but decided not to until the projects were more likely to be a sure thing. The first bit of news is that my friend and long-time collaborative partner Manoel Magalhaes started drawing a new comic for The Grim Collection. Manoel was responsible for art on The Orphan for The Grim Collection and for The Three Princes in the crime comics anthology Acts of Violence. You might also recall we collaborated on two sci-fi comics, Colonel and Synchronicity.

This new short comic for The Grim Collection is more in the crime genre than horror, but The Grim Collection was never intended to be just straight-up horror stories. I had always wanted thrillers and crime to be explored, too. Basically, anything that might make folks uneasy when reading the material. The new comic is called Glen. It is about a troubled business professional whose day spirals out of control.

Manoel started drawing Glen in 2016 but we ended up putting it on hold when Manoel asked me to work with him on something that was very exciting for me as a writer. I’ll be back tomorrow to post about that…

But, for now, take a look at the image below– that is Manoel’s pencils for page 4 of Glen. (click the image to see it in larger form)

Those Who Devour

I am pleased to post that Those Who Devour was posted last night on The Grim Collection. Artist Butch Mapa finished the artwork in the winter of 2015, but I fell into a funk brought on by grief and lost all interest in most creative endeavours. I had a long period of feeling overwhelmed by most things and this made it hard for me to feel passion about anything. I can’t report that I’ve overcome these feelings, but I can report that not all days are bleak and in recent months have taken to writing again even if that writing pertains only to D&D and a 40K campaign in which I am involved.


I am proud to announce that “Undiscovered” went live on The Grim Collection today. It features fantastic art by Ryan Howe. This is the first time I’ve worked with a Canadian artist, which might be hard to believe since I’m in Canada, too.