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Friar & Brimstone launches


Friar & Brimstone, created by artist Owen Gieni and I, launched on today.

We conceived the idea in late-summer 2010 and had intended to launch in early 2011 but Owen got a sweet gig with Image Comics so our project was put on hold. I was confident we would get back to our project some day, and sure enough come October 2011 I got word from Owen that his schedule had opened up and he and Keenspot wanted to launch before the end of the year. I was definitely onboard.

There has been a few changes. First, the comic is now called Friar & Brimstone and not Fire & Brimstone. Chris Crosby, the big-wig at Keenspot, suggested the name change. Owen and I loved it right away, and feedback from those who knew about the project since its early days was equally positive. Second, we’ve added E.T. Dollman to the team as letterer. He and I did some work together recently and I suggested to Owen and Chris that Dollman would be a great letterer for Friar & Brimstone. And he has proven to be so!

So check out, and if you like it be sure to tell your friends.

A new page is added every Sunday!


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